Q. How do I take a course?
A. You will see a drop down menu if you hover your mouse above <Courses>. After selecting the type of course you’re interested in, you can then select the specific course for more detailed information.
Of you click on the enroll button below the course name you will be taken to the payment page.

Q. Will I be given instructions after payment?
A. For online courses, there are no additional instructions. Offline classes will provide you with additional information (location, preparations, etc.) related to the course by email or text two days before the start of the course.

Q. Can I extend my course after payment?
A. You can not extend online courses, but you can apply for a total of 3 breaks with a maximum of 7 days. For example, if you have one break lasting 7 days, you will not be able to apply for a break afterwards. If you use the two days for the first break, you have five days left which you can spread over two times.

Q. How do I pay?
A. There are three payment methods. The first is to transfer the course fee to a direct bank account (A LAB BOY owned account). Second, is a credit card payment method. When you press credit card payment, the credit card payment window will be displayed and you will be able to complete the transaction in the payment window. Third, is a real-time fund transfer payment method. Just click the confirm order button to make a real-time transfer.

Q. I chose to pay in installments, but I paid in one lump sum.
A. We apologize, but it is difficult for LAB BOY to change your payment. Please contact your bank to fix the issue. You can simply cancel the payment, and contact us via email if you want to re-enroll.

Q. I want to switch courses.
A. If you enrolled in the wrong class by mistake, you can change it. Please send an email describing your situation and we will take care of it for you.

Q. How do I register to be a member?
A. On the LAB BOY home screen, you can sign up by pressing the human shaped button in the top right of the page. Then write your name, email, and password in the sign-up window to sign up.

Q. What can I do after I sign up?
A. After registering, you can post on various bulletin boards. You can also enroll in courses. You can apply to have your works uploaded to a personal portfolio or apply to be an instructor. The application to be an instructor will take around two weeks process.

Q. What are the conditions to becoming indie instructor?
A. Knowledge and passion in the field of teaching.
Anyone can apply if they have a deep want to convey their knowledge to others.

Q. Can I post my lesson syllabus to LAB BOY right after I apply?
A. When you apply to be an indie instructor, an internal supervisor will send your application and included files to an internal team.
While content is important we also check such things as clarity of voice, gestures, and talking speed.
Once you’ve passed the check, you’ll be an indie instructor at LAB BOY!
But don’t be discouraged if you didn’t pass. You will receive feedback from our team to help you improve and try again!