Ducozen Co., Ltd. (also known as “Company” or “Ducozen”) has established and implemented a youth protection policy to help youth grow into healthy personalities.
The Company prevents youth from accessing harmful information, and we will inform you of what we are taking to protect our youth through this Youth Protection Policy.

1. Restriction and management measures for youth access to harmful information
The Company establishes and applies a separate authentication mechanism to prevent youth from being exposed to harmful information without any restrictions, and takes preventive measures to prevent the disclosure of harmful information about youth.

2. Training of business personnel to protect youth from harmful information
The Company teaches information and communication workers the standards of youth protection and sanctions, how to deal with the discovery of harmful information, and reporting procedures for handling violations.

3. Consultation and grievance handling of damage saline caused by harmful information
The Company has deployed experts to counsel on the damage caused by harmful information and to deal with grievances to prevent the damage from spreading.

Users can use the “4. You may request damage counseling and grievance stipulations by telephone or e-mail, refer to the “Belonging, Name and Contact” section of ducozen Youth Protection Officer and Representative.

4. Belongs, name and contact person in charge of Ducozen Youth Protection
Ducozen is committed to ensuring that young people have safe access to good information.



Youth Protection Management Officer Youth Protection Management Practitioners

Name: Cho Min-young name: Cho Talent
Affiliation: Affiliated Research Institute: Education Business Team
Position: Head of Research Institute: Researcher
Email: mycho@ducowise.com email:join@ducowise.com