LABBOY is not just a site for online courses.

For those who strive, dream, and work to be creators
LABBOY is a platform to share your creations

LABBOY fulfills three needs

Development Focused Lectures
By Unity partner LABBOY
For Creators
A platform for Indie Developers
To share their knowledge
A hub of communication
for all of the creators of the world

LABBOY is officially Partnered with Unity

LABBOY creates the best training courses with experts in each field.
Take courses that meet Unity’s strict standards and receive Unity issued certifications.

Proven curriculum

High completion standards

Unity Issued Certificate

A knowledge sharing platform
for indie devs, by indie devs

The world needs brilliance and creativity more than ever!
LABBOY can help you can get the information you want, develop your interests and hobbies into specialties,
and turn your talents into profit.

LABBOY supports the efforts of Indie Developers.

Become an indie lecturer
and teach your own lessons

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