We are Confident

We train talent that’s sought out by the workforce, and help match them to companies that need them.
All criteria, including the selection process of trainees, are tailored to the customer, so the company can select the people they need
and we can quickly match students with the position fitting of their aptitude.
LABBOY cultivates professionals who will provide long term value to the workplace.

Proven curriculum

High completion standards

Unity Issued Certificates

Leave it to Us

LABBOY is an official partner of Unity.
High-quality courses developed with top experts in each field
We offer Unity certified courses, and grade students with strict standards and management tools.
WISEflow, a digital European exam assessment platform, provides strict evaluation standards.

Develop the process YOU want

LABBOY is developing quality courses with a group of experts in each field.
If your company requires specialists in a specific area
We can create a company course specialized to your need.

Are these skills directly applicable?

We are confident that success in our courses translates to success in the workplace.
LABBOY provides a high-quality curriculum, thorough student management, and rigorous assessment tools.
We teach skills that are directly applicable to real-world problems.

Use LABBOY to find the recruits you need

LABBOY will train or find the specialists you need.
Test our passion and our ability to deliver talent.